Meymand village

Meymand village of kerman and iran

Meymand Rocky Village as Tourist Attraction of Shahre Babak in Kerman Province is one of the rocky settlements in the world, where people continue to live. The village has been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Meymand village Ten thousand years old paintings and six thousand-year-old pottery are some of the glowing documents that narrate the history of Meymand.



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Introducing Meymand Shahrbabak

Due to its defensive strength, Meymand has undergone less physical and social transformation throughout history. There is a collection of very old works such as scattered rocky houses, temples, castles and various towers (dating back thousands of years ago) that transformed Meymand from a village to a specific civilization complex. Meymand Shahrbabak, a rocky village with a few thousand years old, reminds us of the times when humans searched their gods at the top of the mountains, and the mountain was a sign of steadfastness, strength, and determination. This ancient monument is certainly one of the first human settlements in Iran, a time when Iranians were still Mithraism and considered the mountains sacred. Several thousand years ago, people who have broken the rocks and left a memorial that today, after many years, remains a symbol of determination of the ancestors of Iran. Still, no one knows exactly Who made this village, and what was the motivation of the people to build such buildings.

The inhabitants of this village have special customs and in their language and dialect they still use Sassanid Pahlavi words. The 3,000-year-old village of Meymand Shahr-e-Babak is the only historical village in the world that still has traditional relationships in which human-nature interaction can be seen in the second millennium. The village was the seventh natural and historical cultural landscape that received the Mercury Prize.

Geography of Meymand Shahrbabak

Meymand dates from 8000 to 12000 years, 38 km north-east of Shahr-e-Babak, at 30 degrees and 16 minutes, 55 degrees and 25 minutes long. Its height from the sea level is 2240 m and its breadth is 420 km2. Its annual rainfall is 185 mm.

Meymand Architecture

This ancient village is one of the few architectural forms of rock architecture in the world that has been used extensively in all of the village structure of rock architecture. Although rocky examples of rock architecture are found in other countries, none of them have cultural, historical or tourist attractions of meymand. As an example, the village's most important attributes, compared with those of the Cappadocia village of Turkey, is the residential in Meymand rocky houses, which is less likely to be found in similar villages of the world. In other words, life has not lost its meaning in Meymand. yet.

Meymand village Addresses

The Meymand is located between the cities of Shahr-babak, Sirjan and Rafsanjan. Meymand is located in the region of the Shahrbabak and in the province of Kerman.