Ezmeyghan village

Ezmeyghan village of khorasan and iran

Ezmeyghan Village is a natural masterpiece and one of the most beautiful villages in the central parts of Iran located in South Khorasan province. The Ezmeyghan village, located 40 km east of Tabas, is within easy reach.



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About Ezmeyghan

Due to the permanent river, this village is different from other villages in the desert. There is only one place where you can see dates and rice growing together. There are two hot and humid, hot and dry areas in Ezmeyghan village, one in which dates are planted and the other is suitable for planting rice.

The Ezmeyghan village is completely paved and the houses are beautiful and lively. Village houses are similar to other desert architectures. Clay, mud and soil are intertwined with wood and make the village a thriving and vibrant village, with the doors of all houses open to guests. The village has only one shop closed during Religious Mourning Days.

Upstream the water stream leads to this part of the village called the Bride's Bed(Takht e Arous). This area is called because of the large white rock that appears on the bottom of its valley. This large white rock is in the middle of the river and looks like a bed because of the water moving on both sides. A large, natural pond full of small black fish with very clear water and the beauty of waterfowl and beautiful fish is easily found. Two parts of the main basin are surrounded by large, monolithic boulders.

Village products from Ezmeyghan

The Ezmeyghan village is one of the most unique vegetation in the desert, where dates, grapes, apples, oranges, tangerines, Persimmon, plums, apricots, peaches, pears, walnuts, almonds, cucumbers, Melon, Watermelon, cantaloupe, barley, wheat, rice, all kinds of vegetables, pine, eucalyptus, bushes, wild tulips and roses flowers.

Location of Ezmeyghan

To get to Ezmeyghan you have to follow the road to Tabas-Mashhad and reach the village according to the signs. Drive about 50 kilometers from Tabas to see the next sign, a few kilometers away, and you'll suddenly have a breathtaking green view of the desert.

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