Most Beautiful Villages in Iran as Tourist Attractions

Uraman takht

Our roof, Neighbor's courtyard

Uraman Takht village as Tourist Attraction in Kurdestan

Uraman Takht village as Tourist Attraction in Kurdestan with Specific architecture derived from the geographical conditions of the village, The special ritual of Pir Shalayar, performed annually in two seasons, in the spring and winter, rich culture, the local costumes of people living in this area, along with other features has brought Uraman's name to a world renown

Nayband Village in lut desert of Khorasan,Tourist Attraction

Nayband Village in lut desert of Khorasan as Tourist Attraction is one of the most beautiful villages in Iran, located in the southern Khorasan province and Tabas city, with its attractive architecture that attracts many tourists every year. The village of Nayband is one of the examples of staircase architecture and is named Masouleh Desert. The village looks like a green island among the desert, and it has an amazing effect.

Nayband Village

Nayband, the desert's Miracle

Meymand Village

Hand-dug and Rockey Village

Meymand Rocky Village as Tourist Attraction in Kerman

Meymand Rocky Village as Tourist Attraction of Shahre Babak in Kerman Province is one of the rocky settlements in the world, where people continue to live. The village has been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Meymand village Ten thousand years old paintings and six thousand-year-old pottery are some of the glowing documents that narrate the history of Meymand.

Ezmeyghan Village in Khorasan

Ezmeyghan Village is a natural masterpiece and one of the most beautiful villages in the central parts of Iran located in South Khorasan province. The Ezmeyghan village, located 40 km east of Tabas, is within easy reach.

About Top Rated Villages in Iran

If you like nature and enjoy the natural scenery, you also have a great desire to visit the beautiful villages of Iran. Iran has a very diverse culture and customs in each of the different cities and is the best place to get to know the rich culture of each region, its villages.
Traveling to Iran and getting acquainted with other tribes in other parts of Iran will be a memorable pleasure for every tourist.
Our country, Iran, has many spectacular attractions, and with its long history, has many mysteries in its heart. Iran, the country has four seasons with its beautiful natural beauty in its natural attractions, and in this article we have decided to talk about the unknown villages in Iran and provide you with the exact information about them.